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Jessica Auerbach, a native of New Jersey, graduated from Vassar College where she studied English literature and music. After earning an MAT degree from Wesleyan University, Auerbach taught high school English and was a visiting instructor in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program at Wesleyan.

Auerbach has written five novels, Truth and Other Lies (Funny Little Bird, 2023); Catch Your Breath (Putnam, 1996); Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Putnam, 1994); Painting on Glass (Norton, 1988); and Winter Wife (Ticknor & Fields, 1983). She has also written a full length screenplay, Swing Time. A recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship, Auerbach is also a member of the Authors Guild.

Her writings have appeared in Library Journal, Vassar Quarterly, Redbook, Northeast, The New York Times, Georgia Review, under syndication through Fiction Network, and in the crime collection, Unusual Suspects (Vintage, 1996). Her novels and other writings have been published in England, France, Germany, and Holland.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep was produced by Citadel Entertainment as an ABC Sunday Night Movie.

Auerbach's memoir, Writing in Chocolate, is based on her experiences while working in a chocolate shop, the book is a delicious melange of non-fiction and fiction, mixing candy making, mystery, and unforgettable characters into a lovely confection.

“[Auerbach] produces extraordinary insights into human nature.”


“An adept writer.”

--The New York Times Book Review